Project Overview

Rethink Capital Partners oversees and facilitates the development of a suite of impact investment vehicles, focusing on financial and social returns including gender equity, education, health, environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and community development. Our team plugged in to help them on their projects, primarily by offering design services.

Our Work

For Rethink organization, our team has mostly worked on the brand application. The main focus of our creative efforts was on designing and branding presentations, documents and other promotional materials. We’ve also made changes to the website design and have optimized their website for the search engines.

Brand Application

When it comes to brand applications and presentation/deck design, we are Rethink’s go-to team. We’ve built a successful working relationship with them, and we continue to provide the design work they request. Over the years, the team has done presentations, decks, documents, photo modifications, website design and many other tasks. For these projects, we’ve designed in Word, PowerPoint, Prezi and other presentation software.

Website Work

Over the years we’ve worked with the Rethink team, and with the help from our ShapeTech Solutions development team, we’ve redesigned and reworked most of the website. Our teams still collaborate to maintain the website and offer both design and development support.