Project Overview

Our relationship with Megan began when she was starting her business journey and decided to take us along with her. Together, we’ve defined what her business needs are, how she wants to interact with her clients and how we expect them to interact with the website.

Our Work

While working with Megan, we’ve designed and built two websites. As her business grew so did the need for something new. That’s how her current e-commerce website came to life – Conquer Consulting. Our team worked with Megan to understand what she and her clients needed from the website and then designed it to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Website Work

For as long as we’ve worked together, we’ve only had successful projects. Megan is a client who likes to stay involved and on top of things which helped us to communicate easily, and get a very clear understanding of her expectations and wishes. The effort from both sides grew into the great business relationship we now have, and of course, into great products – the two websites we’ve done for Megan. On top of designing and building the website, our Studio team optimized it for the search engines.

Here's What Our Client Has to Say

"The website ShapeTech Studio designed for me not only “put me on the map”, but placed me well ahead of the competition! Their high-touch, customized client services, partnered with their incredible ability to automate processes and integrate with online systems makes them irreplaceable!!"

– Megan Martin Conquer Consulting