Project Overview

Jenna Arnold is a successful entrepreneur and a passionate activist recognized by Oprah as one of the “100 awakened leaders who are using their voices and talent to elevate humanity”. She is standing up for having hard conversations and making the world a better place. In her efforts to reach more people and start the hard conversations, she also recently wrote a book and brought us in to help her prepare a platform to promote it and her values. Jenna Arnold is an empowered woman, and coincidentally, we formed a girl-power team to tackle some of her digital projects which include graphic design work and building a website.

Our Work

Jenna is one of the clients with a clear picture of what she wants and the results she expects. She came to us with a list of requests and wishes she had for her website, and asked us if we could do it. And so we did!

Website Work

We began this project with a defined list of requirements, presented with the desired layout and design. In that way, we didn’t design the website – Jenna did. Our main job was to find ways to use the platform and create all the functionalities we needed the website to have while respecting the wishes the client had for the design. We choose Wix for its ease of use and aimed to create a simple website the client can take over and maintain with no or little help from others. Our mission was utilizing everything Wix has to offer and bringing the website the client envisioned to life. And we can proudly say: “Mission accomplished!”

Miscellaneous Design Work

While preparing the website, and helping out on minor tasks related to the book promotion, our team had miscellaneous design tasks. Here are some worth mentioning: photo rework, email signature design, PDF booklet design and social media post preparation.