Project Overview

When we started working with Gordon he was already an established businessman with years of experience in the industry. Though he was already well known and had built an impressive network of people, due to his busy schedule, he never had enough time to focus on his digital presence. That’s where our team stepped in to help.

Our Work

He entrusted our studio with creating all of the brand elements he needed for his digital presentation, setting up his website and social media platforms, designing his social media posts and presentations, as well as a cover design for his upcoming book “Positioned Right”. Our role was to create digital space for him to connect to his audience and network, maintain and grow that relationship by establishing communication about the things that matter most in his industry and line of business.

Brand Elements

Defining brand elements is a starting point for everyone who is just starting in the digital game world. Even though Gordon’s name was already a brand in his industry, he had no visual elements that go with it. That was our starting point. Carefully choosing his brand colors and designing a logo fitting to his title and influence. For this phase, Studio created a Branding Guidelines book for Gordon. The book contains everything one has to know about Gordon’s brand, visual elements and their application. We also touched on which social media platforms he should use to optimize his reach and communication with his audience. Take a look at the logo and how the colors were used. Can you see what our design team wanted to portray? Here is a hint for you: Look at the shape of the pictogram and think about how it connects to Gordon’s title.

Website Work

For a global strategist, a website is an integrity piece, a business card, and a front for communicating the most important news to anyone concerned. We built Gordon’s website with that in mind. It had to be simple, to the point, offering information and directing to other platforms his audience can reach him. We built and optimized this website for search engines, and we offer support for any bugs, and additional features and changes.

Social Platforms and Brand Application

Our team set up social media platforms for Gordon, and we still often help him design or retouch posts for his social media accounts. Among brand application tasks we’ve had for Gordon, we worked on social media posts, presentations, flyers, business card design, and infographics, to name a few.

Positioned Right

Another project we worked on with Gordon was connected to his book – Positioned Right. Our team members designed the covers of the book, worked on all the graphics presented in the book, and helped with the print preparation. For this project, we designed and developed an e-commerce page for the book where you can find all the relevant information and order a copy.