Project Overview

DogBreedCartoon is a webshop that sells illustrations of 400+ dog breeds. Originally, we were brought into the project because our client believed the DBC brand was not striking enough and it lacked continuity across all the relevant platforms. From the UX perspective, the website was not intuitive, leaving customers questioning what was being promoted and what services were being provided.

Our Work

The team worked on redesigning the website and collaborating with our colleagues from ShapeTech Solutions, we created an intuitive and user-friendly shop with an infinite load to help with the user experience. Furthermore, we supported DogBreedCartoon in establishing their presence on social media by creating social media posts and maintaining the platforms. During the time we worked with DBC, our Studio team had a couple of interesting design projects including custom illustrations and creating and designing a book.

Website Work

First, the team started with retouching the logo and tightening up the look by adjusting brand colors. Then, we created a layout with the flow that allows a user to know what the website is about from the moment they land on a page. With this layout and visual elements, users can navigate through the website with ease. To optimize the shopping experience, our colleagues from ShapeTech Solutions developed an infinite load, allowing users to see everything the shop has to offer without changing the page and waiting for the products to load.

Social Media Posts and Management

To connect more with their customers and widen their audience, DogBreedCartoon set up the social media platforms to communicate their values, vision and love for our four-legged friends. The studio helped them by creating social media posts and managing their profiles, maintaining the constant flow of new content and engaging their audience.

Design Work - Custom Illustrations

If you ask our graphic designer, this is possibly the most exciting and fun part of the project – drawing custom illustrations. Our designers would get a photo of someone’s best dog-friend and would prepare a custom illustration based on it, emphasizing the most prominent characteristics.

Encyclopawdia - Meet the Breeds

The biggest project the Studio team has had while working with DogBreedCartoon was creating a book named Encyclopawdia – Meet the Breeds. The work on the project included: content writing, custom illustrations, layout, cover, etc. Our team created this pdf book from scratch for DBC and their audience and all the dog-lovers out there.

Here's What Our Client Has to Say

ShapeTech Solutions powered Dog Breed Cartoon with a competent team to completely redesign the website and implemented a state of the art ecommerce solution. The team has been delivering results within budget and time. We are very happy with the quality of their work, their development skills and responsibility as well as the way they manage communication with us. We currently also leverage their social media, marketing and hosting services to continuously improve our business outcomes. We highly recommend ShapeTech as a reliable partner!

– Claude Hanhart CEO of Dog Breed Cartoon