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Digital Studio For Your Ideas

Shaping your business together

ShapeTech Studio is a team of creative and highly motivated people ready to help you build your brand and digital presence. Our business consultants, digital marketing managers and designers will help carry out your idea! Our team’s goal is to use their knowledge and creativity to support our clients in widening their audience, strengthening and flourishing their business.

Our Creative Team

We have an idea for your project!

The team is always striving to improve and is passionate about working with others who share their enthusiasm for being innovative and impactful. Our vast range of knowledge and interests, as well as support from the colleagues from ShapeTech Solutions, differentiates us from other studios and gives us an upper hand in meeting the clients’ requirements.

Andriana Miladinović

Client Manager

Andriana is our client manager. Her role is maintaining communication and relationship with our clients. The less-fun job she does is administrative work. If there’s anyone on our team able to put up with tons of administrations without going completely crazy, it’s her.

Ana Mitrović

Graphic and WEB Designer

Ana is our Graphic Designer interested in Illustrations and Motion Graphics. She’s specialized in Photoshop, Illustrator and Infinity Designer. Additionally, she is interested in Marketing! She works wonders in visual branding and application. It’s hard to find someone with her level of inspiration and patience for designing in Word.

Darko Milenković

Creative Director, WEB Designer

A Senior Web and Graphic designer passionate about making people see things his way. His greatest abilities include creating or using WordPress themes, Visual Identity, UX, designing graphics and photo manipulation. If software and colors are included, he can, and probably will do it. Darko is our Creative Director, Mentor and Team Lead.

Marko Babić

UX / UI Designer, WEB Designer

Marko is a Web designer specialized in Grid-based design as well as UX/UI. As long as you provide him with a brief and freedom to explore the best approaches, he will come up with something both intuitive and eye-catching. He's also unanimously declared the kindest colleague in our company.